Interior comfort - comfortable and sporty, as standart


What a feeling

First class travel every time – that is what the new A-Class so convincingly delivers to its drivers. The optionally available design and equipment lines, design packages, and a whole range of further fittings and appointments for interior comfort previously reserved for the more exclusive vehicle segments are most certainly premium class, too.

Panoramic sliding sunroof (optional)

The panoramic sliding sunroof creates a transparent surface area twice the size of conventional sliding glass sunroofs and creates an interior with a particularly bright and friendly ambience.

It consists of a fixed panoramic glass roof and an electrically operated glass sunroof which slides over the exterior of the roof. The transparent surface area is very large and lets in plenty of light. When the sunroof is opened using the switch, the wind deflector is first raised. Then the sunroof is raised upwards and slid backwards over the fixed glass roof section at the rear. In addition, there is a motorised sunblind.

Aircon system

The air conditioning system has a heating and ventilation system and a refrigeration system. A rotary switch can be used to set the desired temperature for the interior. Depending on the pre-selected temperature and the desired air distribution the air is heated, or if the air conditioning is switched on it can be cooled.

Activating the recirculation function means that no external air is blown into the vehicle interior. To avoid the windows steaming up, air recirculation is automatically deactivated in line with temperature and settings. Depending on vehicle equipment, holding down the air recirculation button closes the side windows and sunroof. Fresh air runs through the dust filter which improves the air quality.

Auxiliary heater and ventilation (optional)

The auxiliary heater provides pleasant temperatures and removes ice from the windows even before the journey begins – and on frosty days. The heater has an output of five kilowatts and functions independently of the engine. It can be activated with a switch in the vehicle, using remote control from a distance of up to 300 metres or via a timer function.


Light and Sight package (optional)

The Light and Sight package improves the visibility of the vehicle and increases the high-class appeal of the interior.

The elements of the Light and Sight package at a glance::

  • Single-tone ambient lighting
  • Exit and warning lamps for driver's and front-passenger's door
  • Lighting of the stowage compartment in centre console
  • Lighting of the opening between the front head restraints between and the rear (only is sports seats fitted)
  • Illuminated make-up mirror for driver and front passenger
  • Illuminated door sill panels
  • Footwell lighting in the front and rear
  • Indirect lighting of the door pulls and door operners
  • Additional lighting for rear-view mirror
  • Reading lamps and console lamps in the roof lining in the rear
  • Windscreen wipers with rain sensor
  • Warning and ambient lights in the tailgate
4-way lumbar support for driver and front passenger (optional)

The 4-way lumbar support improves seating comfort and ergonomics. The backrest curvature can be individually adjusted to meet the needs of the driver and front passenger, promoting an ergonomic seating position. Two air cushions are integrated in the backrests of both front seats. Via two control valves they can be inflated or deflated as required, facilitating individually tailored support for the lumbar spine. The height of the air cushions is also adjustable. Lumbar support adjustment is carried out by means of a 4-way switch on the outside of the seat cushion.


Seat comfort package (optional)[1]

The Seat Comfort package improves seat comfort on journeys of all lengths, even longer ones, by providing the seats with more options for ergonomic individualisation and for adjustment to the desired seat position. The package includes height adjustment for the front-passenger seat and seat cushion inclination adjustment for both front seats as well as a specific seat design.


Heated seats for driver and front passenger (optional)

The electric seat heating allows for multi-level individual heating of the front seats. The pushbutton control for each seat can be set to normal or rapid heating. In the rapid heating setting, the system automatically changes to "normal" mode after approx. 5 minutes. The seat heating is automatically switched off completely after around 30 minutes, or it can be also be switched off manually at any time. Seat heating is also switched off automatically if the battery charge is too low.


THERMOTRONIC automatic climate control (optional)

With the THERMOTRONIC luxury automatic climate control, you and your front passenger can set individually preferred temperatures at any time. The system also takes outside parameters into account, including temperature, humidity, and the intensity and angle of incidence of the sun’s rays. A dust filter and an activated charcoal filter make sure that pollutants remain outside, as far as possible. Sensors also register the quality of the outside air. If it falls below a certain level, the ventilation flaps are automatically closed.

THERMOTRONIC is an extension of the standard-specification air conditioning system. As well as taking into account influencing factors such as the sun's intensity, air quality, humidity of the outside air taken in etc., the temperature and air distribution for multiple zones (driver and front passenger) can be individually controlled. A sophisticated sensor system enables automatic control of the interior air conditioning requirements: as the sun's intensity increases, the solar sensor adjusts the fan speed and temperature to maintain the set temperature.

  • Comfortable: An appropriate difference is automatically set between the desired left-hand and right-hand temperatures if the sun’s rays strike just one side of the car.
  • The air quality and pollutant sensor permanently monitors the quality of the outside air being drawn in for pollutants, e.g. carbon monoxide (CO) and nitrogen oxide (NOx). If significantly increased levels are detected, the system automatically switches to air recirculation mode, thus largely preventing odour emissions and pollutants from entering the passenger compartment.
Multifunction steering wheel

The multifunction steering wheel gives you comprehensive access to a variety of telematics and vehicle settings. All the information relevant to the vehicle/journey is shown in the instrument cluster display. The multifunction steering wheel has twelve function buttons and a high-resolution 11.4 cm display in the instrument cluster.

The 3-spoke multifunction steering wheel with twelve function buttons and display in the instrument cluster is operated via two keypads on the steering wheel. The left-hand keypad is used to operate the menus, while the right-hand keypad controls the audio and telephone telematics functions. The "Settings" menu allows the driver to adjust various parameters, such as light and instrument cluster settings. Optional extras which are not fitted in the vehicle are skipped.

The right-hand buttons on the multifunction steering wheel in the instrument cluster can be used to select other settings. For example, the buttons "pick up phone" or "hang up phone" can be used to accept or end a phone call. And the volume for the radio and voice instructions can be set using the +/- volume controls.

Electrically adjustable driver's seat with memory function (optional)

The driver's seat and backrest can be adjusted electrically via controls in the door panel. The settings can be saved in 3 programs and called up again at any time. Additionally the head restraint can be adjusted for height, giving the best possible fit (not available in conjunction with sports seats).


Stowage package (optional)

The Stowage Space package provides a variety of organisational aids. It comprises a spectacles compartment in the overhead control unit, a stowage box under the front seats, luggage nets on the driver and passenger seat backrests, in the rear footwells and to the right and left in the luggage compartment as well as under the parcel shelf. The package is rounded off with a practical 12-volt socket in the luggage compartment.


[1] Standard equipment for the A 250 SportThe A 250 Sport is scheduled to become available in the 4th quarter 2012.