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Environmentally compatible concepts

BlueEFFICIENCY from Mercedes-Benz stands for pioneering efficiency technologies as well as innovative packages of measures based on optimising fuel consumption and emission levels.

BlueEFFICIENCY measures

BlueEFFICIENCY measures are comprehensive vehicle optimisation measures that help to save fuel and reduce environmental impact. The most efficient engines are combined in each model with the optimum aerodynamics and energy management features in the B-Class too, so as to keep fuel consumption to a minimum.


The B-Class is very aerodynamically efficient, which means wind noise is hardly noticeable. With its aeroacoustics the B-Class has further enhanced its leading position in its segment.

With a figure of 0.26, the Cd value for the B-Class has been significantly improved. The B-Class continues to lead its segment with regard to its exceptionally low interior noise levels. The wind noise index as assessed by the development department has improved by six percent in comparison to the previous model series.

The following measures contributed:

  • Sealing of the areas around the radiator and headlamps
  • Large roof spoiler at the top edge of the tailgate
  • Drag-reducing A-pillar design
  • Aerodynamically optimised exterior mirrors with braces
  • Serrated wheel spoilers on the wheel arches
  • Aerodynamically optimised wheel trim
  • Extensive cladding on the underbody with additional cladding in the area of the rear axle
  • Additional sealing of the transverse joint between roof and tailgate
  • Door handles fully sealed off from the body
  • Adjustable radiator shutter for improved air flow around the radiator grille[1]
  • Door seals with several levels
Diesel particulate filter

The diesel particulate filter filters up to 99 percent of all soot particles from exhaust emissions and does it without any additives. Filter regeneration is initiated by the electronic engine management and controlled by the pressure and temperature of the exhaust gas at the filter.

The separated soot particles on the filter duct walls are burned off at exhaust gas temperatures in excess of 600 degrees Celsius. Filter regeneration is initiated by an increase in the exhaust gas temperature and goes unnoticed by the vehicle occupants and other road users.

ECO display

The ECO display in the instrument cluster shows information on the efficiency of the current way of driving, thereby motivating the driver to reduce consumption by modifying his/her driving style.

The driver is given feedback on the economy of his driving via three bar charts displayed in the speedometer. Extremely economic driving is indicated by the three bars showing in full, thus achieving a total "score" of 100 percent. All values are set at 50 percent each when starting off.

Moderate acceleration, a smooth, even driving style and an anticipatory manner of driving - i.e. allowing the car to slow by itself and avoiding unnecessary braking - are all rated positively. In contrast, the bars shrink in size if acceleration is too forceful, there is too great a variation in speed or there is relatively high use of the brake pedal in comparison to decelerating without using the brakes (using the engine to brake). At the same time, by displaying a "score" (in the form of a percentage rating), the driver is spurred on to keep improving until he reaches the top score of 100 percent.

ECO start/stop function

The optimised ECO start/stop function reduces the vehicle's fuel consumption and emission levels by switching off the engine when the vehicle is at a standstill. The engine restarts automatically as soon as the driver depresses the clutch pedal fully.

Intelligent energy management

Significant savings can also come from a series of small contributions. With the aim of making vehicles of the B-Class more fuel efficient, the Mercedes-Benz engineers examined all the main components with regard to their energy usage and found ways of getting them to work more economically.

The efficient energy management at a glance:

  • More efficient fuel management: the pumping pressure of the fuel pump is based on the precise amount of fuel needed at the time.
  • Air conditioning only as required: if not required, the compressor is automatically decoupled from the engine's belt drive.
Tyres with optimised rolling resistance

The rolling resistance of the tyres has a big influence on a vehicle’s consumption. For this reason, Mercedes-Benz deploys tyres with low rolling resistance in the B-Class as well. They are formed in a different way and use a different rubber blend to conventional tyres. With unchanged handling and braking characteristics, the rolling resistance can be markedly reduced with them.

Efficiency technologies in the B-Class

The latest-generation CDI diesel engines display compelling performance characteristics coupled with low consumption levels. Injection pressure has been increased, smoothness of operation and noise levels enhanced, while reduced compression makes for lower emission levels.

The 4-cylinder engine with direct petrol injection, variable valve timing and turbocharger offers outstanding torque and three output levels, as well as exemplary quiet-running and appropriately low fuel consumption and emissions.

Environmental certificate

Mercedes-Benz is the only automotive brand in the world to have received an ISO-standard Environmental Certificate. For this certification, the vehicle models have to meet strict requirements and undergo stringent controls in their development, production and recycling. Our goal is to make environmental protection objectively measurable and to make it possible for you as the driver to experience it concretely.

Transparency in our Dealings - the 2011 Sustainability Report from Daimler AG

Economical. Responsible. Sustainable. As the inventor of the automobile, for us commitment to the environment and to society is an intrinsic, and active, part of our company philosophy. Read about it in the online Daimler AG Sustainability Report.

[1] Only available for B 180 BlueEFFICIENCY.