Equipment packages - for all requirements


Your comfort is safe with us

A wide range of equipment packages are available for the C-Class Estate. They underline its sporty credentials and help to boost safety and comfort.

Stowage package (optional)[1]

The Stowage Space package provides a variety of organisational aids. It includes a spectacles compartment, a stowage box under the front seats plus luggage nets in the rear footwells and a double cup holder.

Driving Assistance package Plus (optional)

The Driving Assistance Package Plus makes an active contribution to safety in everyday driving situations. The proximity control, lane-change control and blind spot warning functions together with the brake system optimisation all contribute decisively to safe travel and a safe arrival.

  • Keeping one's distance: DISTRONIC PLUS proximity control helps the driver to maintain a specified (timed) distance from the vehicle in front when travelling at speeds of 0 to 200 km/h.
  • Extended field of vision: The Active Blind Spot Assist uses radar and monitors the blind spot areas to the left, right and rear of the vehicle. If a vehicle is detected within the monitored range, a warning symbol is displayed in the driver’s exterior mirror. Should the driver fail to notice the warning and start to change lane, the ESP® system can intervene.
  • Keeping you in line: The Active Lane Keeping Assist registers lane markings on a continuous basis and warns the driver by means of a discreet vibration of the steering wheel as soon as s/he unintentionally drifts across the lane markings which have been registered by the system, and leaves the lane s/he is in. If it is a solid line, and the driver does not react to the warning, braking can be applied to individual wheels as required.
  • If necessary: The BAS PLUS Brake Assist offers a additional level of assistance over the BAS Brake Assist system, which recognises a potential emergency braking situation from the speed at which the brake pedal is depressed and can automatically boost braking power up to the maximum. The BAS PLUS Brake Assist system can, additionally, warn the driver of a impending rear-end collision with visual and audible signals and calculate the degree of braking necessary to prevent the accident.
  • In the event of danger: If a potential collision is sensed while travelling at speeds between 30 and 200 km/h and the driver fails to apply the brakes sufficiently early, the PRESAFE® brake system emits visual and audible signals. If the driver does not respond to this warning, independent partial braking is activated approx. 1.6 seconds before the calculated impact at a deceleration rate of up to 4m/s2. If the system categorises the situation as highly critical and there is still no reaction from the driver, an independent full brake application can be initiated automatically 0.6 seconds before what is considered an unavoidable impact.
Dynamic Handling package (optional)[1], [2]

With the Dynamic Handling package with sports driving mode it is possible to choose between a comfortable and a sporty suspension setting.

With sports mode selected, the system adjusts the firmness of the damping and even sharpens the accelerator response so that you feel the response from the engine more acutely. Or you can choose the standard mode and enjoy a particularly smooth and comfortable ride.

One part of the dynamic handling package is its speed-sensitive sports steering. By changing the steering characteristic, it provides a particularly sporty steering sensation.

Memory package (optional)

The Memory package makes constant switching between drivers much more convenient. It stores the individual settings for the driver's seat and the front-passenger seat for up to three people.

As soon as a driver selects a setting with the touch of a button, electric controls automatically set the seat, exterior mirrors and steering column back to the previously saved positions. The package also includes fully electric adjustment and 4-way lumbar support for both front seats, as well as electrical adjustment of steering column.

Multicontour seat package (optional)[1]

The multicontour seats take pressure off the spine and can be precisely adjusted to the individual anatomical and physiognomic requirements of the driver and the front passenger.

The pressure in the variable air cushions in the seat side bolsters of the seat surface and backrests and the lumbar contour in the lumbar and shoulder area can also be adjusted.

Mirror package (optional)

The mirror package ensures increased safety and added comfort. When driving through narrow entrances and exits, parking the car or going through automatic car washes the folding function can protect the exterior mirrors from damage. The driver's side exterior mirror and the interior mirror additionally feature an automatic dimming function.

Lane Tracking package (optional)

The Lane Tracking package make a decisive contribution to road safety: the Lane Keeping Assist function can detect the unintentional crossing of lane markings and warns the driver, while the Blind Spot Assist system monitors the critical sectors to the right and left of the vehicle.

  • Changing direction safely: The Lane Keeping Assist feature warns the driver by means of a discreet vibration of the steering wheel as soon as he unintentionally drifts across lane markings which have been registered by the system, leaving the current lane. If the turn indicator is actuated or the steering wheel is turned with determination, the system assumes that the lane change is intentional and does not emit a warning.
  • Digital eyes: The Blind Spot Assist system can warn the driver against dangerous lane changes if another road user is present in the critical area to the right or left of the vehicle.

The Lane Tracking package is only available in conjunction with the comfort multifunction steering wheel and Becker® MAP PILOT or COMAND Online.

STYLE package (optional)[1]

The Style package further emphasises the sporty and individual interior style of the C-Class. It consists of upholstery in black ARTICO man-made leather with contrast stitching in porcelain and a leather steering wheel with contrast stitching in black, perforated in the gripping area.

Trim elements in porcelain and black piano-lacquer lookadditionally form a discreet contrast. The armrest, door panelling and gear stick/selector lever gaiters stand out thanks to the contrast stitching in porcelain. The piping on the floormats is in porcelain.

[1] Not available for the C 63 AMG.[2] Not available for the C 180 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY, C 200 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY, C 180 BlueEFFICIENCY and models with 4MATIC all-wheel drive