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Exclusive. Bundled. Specially selected.

Satisfying exacting standards is a given; surpassing them is the challenge we rise to. We offer you carefully assembled equipment packages. For every taste. For every situation. So that every trip in a Mercedes-Benz becomes even more pleasant and even more attractive.

Equipment availability depends on the engine and configuration selected. You will find details in the equipment information for each model.

Active Multicontour Seat Package (optional)

The active multicontour seat adjusts particularly well to individual seating needs. It continually adjusts itself to the driving situation, massages the back muscles and reduces the risk of injury in the event of an accident.

Depending on the steering angle, lateral acceleration and speed, the air cushions in the seat side bolsters are adjusted pneumatically in two stages so as to give excellent lateral support even when driving dynamically. After the dynamic function is switched off the previously selected pressure in the side chambers is automatically reset symmetrically.

Other features of the package include:

  • Extremely easy on the back: the massage function reduces symptoms of fatigue in the back muscles on long journeys. It supports the principle of "dynamic sitting" – as recommended by orthopaedic specialists.
  • Award-winning seat: the active multicontour seat has been given the AGR quality seal by the "Aktion gesunder Rücken e. V." ("Campaign for healthy backs") awarded to products which are especially good for the back.
  • More safety: The PRE-SAFE® positioning function makes possible preventive protection measures for driver and front passenger (activation of air cushions in PRE-SAFE® situations). When PRE-SAFE® is activated, the PRE-SAFE® positioning function can automatically move the front passenger seat (in conjunction with the optional Memory package) into a position which is more favourable in the event of an accident. In addition, the NECK-PRO luxury head restraints can contribute to reduce the risk of whiplash injuries in the event of a rear-end collision.
Anti-theft protection package (optional)

The Anti-Theft Protection package comprises different systems and equipment which help to protect the vehicle from break-in, theft and being towed away. It includes the anti-theft alarm system (ATA) with tow-away protection and interior monitoring. Once activated by locking the vehicle with the remote key, the system issues a warning signal if it detects an attempted break-in and theft.

  • Authorisation required: The system triggers an alarm if an unauthorised person opens one of the vehicle doors, tailgate or bonnet. The alarm also sounds if the ignition lock is shorted/removed or the foot brake applied.
  • Movement sensor: The tow-away protection function responds to a change in the position of the vehicle and can be deactivated – for example, if the car is being towed or loaded onto another vehicle.
Exclusive package (optional)

The finest materials add elegant touches to the interior of the CLS Shooting Brake underscoring its exclusive character.

The Exclusive package consists of:

  • Ambient lighting in three different light moods
  • Velour floor mats, edged in nubuck leather
  • Wood/leather steering wheel (not for CLS 63 AMG)
  • DINAMICA roof lining, pillars and sun visors (anthracite, alpaca grey or almond beige, according to interior colour)
  • Nappa leather trim on centre console, armrests, door centre panels, waistline, head restraints, upper section of instrument panel
  • PASSION Exclusive leather upholstery
Driving Assistance package Plus (optional)

The Driving Assistance Package Plus makes an active contribution to safety in everyday driving situations. The proximity control, lane-change control and blind spot warning functions together with the brake system optimisation all contribute decisively to safe travel and a safe arrival.

  • Keep your distance: DISTRONIC PLUS proximity control helps the driver to maintain a specified (timed) gap from the vehicle in front when travelling at speeds of up to 200 km/h.
  • Extended field of vision: The Active Blind Spot Assist deploys a radar system to monitor the area behind the vehicle and the blind spots on the left and right. If a vehicle is detected in the monitored area, a warning signal appears in the relevant exterior mirror. If the driver fails to notice the warning and starts to change lane, the system can intervene using ESP®.
  • Crossing the line: Active Lane Keeping Assist registers lane markings on a continuous basis. If the system detects that the road markings are being crossed in an uncontrolled manner, the system can reduce the danger by applying the brakes automatically.
  • If required: In an emergency braking situation the BAS PLUS Brake Assist system can shorten stopping distances by providing the brake pressure necessary to deal with the danger that has been detected.
  • In critical situations: The PRE-SAFE® brake can help to prevent collisions. The system issues three warning tones to alert the driver if it detects the immediate risk of a rear-end collision. If the driver does not respond, the system initiates autonomous partial braking 1.6 seconds before the calculated collision, decelerating the vehicle at around 40% of maximum braking force (4 m/s2). This also acts as a further warning to the driver to take immediate action. Should the driver still fail to react, the PRE-SAFE® brake will trigger an autonomous full brake application if required.
Rear Safety Package (optional)

The Rear Seat Safety package provides additional safety for the rear compartment passengers. In the event of a collision, adaptive belt force limiters and sidebags for the outer seats in the rear can reduce the risk of injury to the occupants by providing optimum support according to the type of impact.

Memory package (optional)

With the memory package the driver’s and front-passenger seats and head restraints, steering column and exterior mirrors can be adjusted electrically to any position. This increases convenience when there is a frequent change of drivers. The individual front seat settings for up to three people can be stored and recalled at any time.

When the driver selects a setting, electric controls automatically adjust the seat, exterior mirror and steering column positions to stored settings.

The 4-way lumbar support provides even more comfort. At the push of a button, the backrest curvature of the front seats can be set to meet individual passenger requirements and provide anatomically ergonomic support for the spine in the lumbar area.

When reversing, the driver has an improved view thanks to the automatic tilt function for the front-passenger exterior mirror.

The activation of PRE-SAFE®, also a part of the package, the PRE-SAFE® positioning function can automatically move the passenger seat into a position ("safety position") which is more favourable in the event of a collision.

Multicontour seat package (optional)

The Multicontour Seats take pressure off the spine and can be precisely adjusted to the ergonomic characteristics of the driver and front passenger. The pressure can also be adjusted in the variable air cushions of the seat side bolsters, the backrests and curvature of the lumbar area. The controls are located on the side next to the cushions between the seat surface and centre console.

The package also includes the PRE-SAFE® positioning function, which enables preventive protection measures for driver and front passenger. If PRE-SAFE® detects a critical situation, the side bolsters of the backrest are inflated, securing driver and passenger in place sidewards. If a collision is avoided, the multicontour seats are deflated again once certain critical thresholds are undercut.

The multicontour seat package also includes the NECK-PRO luxury head restraints.

Mirror package (optional)

The automatic dimming function for the exterior mirrors on the driver’s side helps to enhance safety and comfort.

Both exterior mirrors can also be completely folded in electrically and returned to their original position. Whether you’re negotiating narrow entries and exits, parking the car or passing through automatic car washes, this preventive protection of the mirror casing helps you to minimise repair costs.

Exterior sports package (optional)

The Exterior Sports package provides a suspension with a sporty tuning, light-alloy wheels in silver or anthracite (optional) and a twin-pipe exhaust system with visible rectangular tailpipes integrated in the rear bumper. The rear bumper with black trim rounds off the sporty exterior.

Lane Tracking package (optional)

The tactile warning provided in the event of unintentional lane departure and the visual and acoustic warning of the presence of a vehicle in the blind spot contribute to reduce driver stress, in particular on long journeys: the innovative Lane Tracking package consists of the Lane Keeping assist and the Blind Spot assist functions, and provides a significant road safety enhancement.

Lane Keeping Assist can detect a traffic lane based on the road markings and, if the car is about to leave its lane unintentionally, warn the driver by making the steering wheel vibrate gently. If the indicator is operated beforehand or the steering wheel is consciously turned, the system assumes that the lane change is intentional and does not issue a warning.

Blind Spot Assist, meanwhile, uses two radar sensors in the rear bumper to monitor the blind spot at speeds above 30 km/h and can warn the driver against dangerous lane changes if another road user is present in the critical area to the right or left of the vehicle.