Interior comfort - a breath of fresh air on the inside


Focusing on your well-being

Open-top motoring creates a heightened sense of freedom for vehicle occupants. But this doesn't mean that you will go short in the interior of your E-Class Cabriolet. It delivers an unforgettable driving experience to all passengers – whether the roof is open or closed.

EASY-ENTRY system and automatic belt feeder

You'll be reluctant to get out of the E-Class Cabriolet. Getting in, on the other hand, could not be easier. We've thought up plenty of ideas. Our engineers have focused in particular on the topics of comfort and safety.

The EASY-ENTRY entry aid makes for convenient access to the rear seats. When you fold down the front seat backrest, the whole seat can be moved forwards before returning to its original position when the backrest is raised again.

With their seat belts extended automatically to make fastening easier, the driver and front passenger experience E-Class Cabriolet comfort even before the ride begins. The belt feeder can also be activated via a button on the instrument panel.

THERMATIC automatic climate control[1]

THERMATIC automatic climate control provides individual temperatures and a pleasant climate in the vehicle interior. The desired temperature and air distribution for the left and right-hand sides of the interior can separately regulated for the two zones. In addition, a special filter ensures outstanding air quality by absorbing dust particles from the outside air.

THERMOTRONIC automatic climate control (optional)[2]

The THERMOTRONIC automatic climate control system allows the driver and front passenger to adapt the climate in their respective seats to suit their individual requirements – independently of each other. The system keeps the temperature at the desired level automatically, even in strong sunlight. To this end, sensors register the temperature inside and outside the vehicle, controlling the heating, cooling and fan for each temperature zone individually, according to requirements.

  • Automatic adjustment: factors such as outside temperature, humidity and sunlight are taken into account and the desired interior climate maintained in this way. A diffuser panel on the dashboard reduces draughts.
  • Clean air: dust and pollutant sensors guarantee that virtually all the pollutants remain outside. If required the air vents can close automatically.
  • Pleasant climate in the second row as well: passengers in the rear seats have the option of individually controlling the climate control for the rear area: intensity, direction and desired temperature can be conveniently set at the push of a button.
AIRSCARF neck-level heating (optional)

AIRSCARF neck-level heating extends the cabriolet season – and allows driving with an open top even when the exterior temperature is low. At the push of a button propellers on the reverse sides of the head restraints draw in air, which is then heated and blown out again through a vent in the front of the seat. It warms the neck and throat like an invisible scarf.

Multicontour seats (optional)

True seating comfort combines ergonomics, safety and sportiness, which are all provided by the front multicontour seats. Separately controlled air chambers can be optimally adjusted to an individual's figure. Seat cushion length, seat side bolsters and lumbar support can all be adjusted pneumatically.

The multicontour seats take pressure off the spine and can be precisely adjusted to the ergonomic characteristics of the driver and the front passenger. The pressure can also be adjusted in the variable air cushions of the seat surface side bolsters, the backrests and the curvature of the lumbar/shoulder areas. The controls are located on the side next to the cushions between the seat surface and centre console.

Fully electric fabric top

A cabriolet is primarily defined by its top. It has to look good, be durable and be exceptionally functional. As is the fully electric fabric top of the E-Class Cabriolet.

It consists of three layers of weather-resistant material and provides exceptional insulation throughout the year, even in poor weather.

  • Quietest running possible: Thanks to improved acoustics, you enjoy a nearly noiseless drive whether the roof is open or closed.
  • Electric opening and closing: with the push of a button in the vehicle or by using the infrared function in the key outside the vehicle, the soft top opens or closes electrohydraulically and quietly.
  • Individual colour: The fabric top is available in black, dark blue, dark beige and red.
AIRCAP wind deflector system (optional)

With its innovative technology the E-Class Cabriolet makes open-top driving comfort possible in just about every season – thanks to superb aerodynamics and the unique AIRCAP draught-stop system, from which the rear passengers also benefit. It significantly reduces air turbulence and noise level.

During an open-top drive, the AIRCAP system can, at the push of a button, direct most of the airflow above the entire vehicle interior so that the air current is extended over and above the passenger compartment.

In addition, quiet running has been further improved so that occupants can hear each other even better. The system comprises an electrical air deflector module at the front of the roof frame plus a draught-stop between the rear head restraints.

[1] Not available for the E 500 BlueEFFICIENCY.[2] Standard equipment with E 500 BlueEFFICIENCY.