Open-top motoring - it doesn't go with the flow, it defines it.


E-Class Cabriolet. A fascinating driving sensation

Offering a unique blend of progressive design, innovative technology and outstanding handling/aerodynamic characteristics, the E-Class Cabriolet takes open-top driving to a new level. It is an individual vehicle for today’s individualists.

Breath-taking - open-air comfort

This is made possible by a world first. An innovative system comprising a wind deflector mounted on the roof frame and a special draught-stop between the rear head restraints serves to push the air flow arc above the passenger compartment. The optional AIRCAP draught-stop system developed by Mercedes-Benz ensures a quieter and more comfortable ride in all seats.

The intelligent technology in the E-Class Cabriolet makes it one of the most comfortable cabriolets. This is thanks to superb aerodynamics and the unique draught-stop system, developed in-house, from which the rear passengers also benefit because air turbulence and noise level are significantly reduced.

Unique - virtually independent of weather conditions

Cabriolet season is normally only in summer. With the E-Class Cabriolet it's different. While AIRCAP ensures that you remain untouched by the airflow, AIRSCARF neck-level heating is responsible for pleasant temperatures for your neck and head.

The optional AIRSCARF innovative neck-level heating ...

Enjoyable - perfect climate

An interior climate that can be adjusted to suit individual preferences enhances driving pleasure even further and increases driver-fitness safety. In the E-Class Cabriolet the temperature can be individually regulated for two or three zones.

The standard-fit THERMATIC automatic climate control automatically keeps the temperature for the driver and front passenger at the desired level. The system also includes air recirculation, a defroster vent for the windscreen and a fine particle filter. The optional THERMOTRONIC automatic climate control provides an even more comfortable climate.