Interior comfort - one star at the front, five inside


Every drive becomes a lasting memory

Spaciousness and seating comfort are important features of the G-Class Cabriolet. The spacious off-road cabriolet offers its occupants maximum confort on long stretches and on rough terrain.

Occupants will appreciate the refined luxury and high-quality materials in the interior. They will feel pampered by the comfort seating, not just on long journeys; and will like the intuitive operation of the display and controls.

Ambient lighting

The ambient lighting function is coupled with the instrument cluster lighting: it will make you glow, but not only that: it lights up the fibre-optic cable in the door side trim panels, the door opener lights, the footwell lighting and the centre console as well. When the doors are opened, it also lights up, giving a "welcome home" effect. The ambient lighting can be steplessly dimmed and switched off. It lends the vehicle interior an even more generous, homely aspect. And you can even leave the ambient lighting on while driving the car – it will not impair your vision.

THERMATIC automatic climate control

THERMATIC automatic climate control provides individual temperatures and a pleasant climate in the vehicle interior. The desired temperature and air distribution for the left and right-hand sides of the interior can be separately regulated for the two zones. In addition, a special filter provides the best possible air quality by absorbing dust particles from the outside air.

Multifunction steering wheel

The multifunction steering wheel makes everything easier – regardless of whether you want to receive a call, for example, or control the volume of the radio or call up the oil level on the driver information system. Using the four buttons on the multifunction steering wheel you control what is shown on the multifunction display and the settings in the on-board computer.

Heated front seats

A pleasant warmth on the skin comes courtesy of seat heating in the cushions and backrests of the front seats. If "fast heating" is selected, the system switches to "normal" after approx. five minutes. If battery capacity is low, seat heating is switched off automatically.

Seat comfort package (optional)

The Seat Comfort package includes multicontour and climatised seats for driver and front passenger. The multicontour seats enhance seating comfort and reduce back muscle fatigue on longer journeys.

The contour and firmness of seat backrest and seat cushion can be infinitely adjusted, ensuring optimum lateral support even on bad roads.

The climatised seats improve ride comfort and reduce transpiration with a pleasant air flow. Integrated in the seat upholstery are fans which uniformly distribute a flow of air under the leather cover of the backrest and cushions. The air flows through the fine perforation and quickly cools down the surface of the seats to a pleasant temperature – even if the vehicle has been heated by intense sunlight for a longer period of time. On cold days you can turn on the seat heating, which guarantees together with the air flow that wet clothes dry faster.

Auxiliary heating (optional)

The auxiliary heater provides pleasant temperatures in the vehicle and removes ice from the windows even before the journey begins – and on frosty days. The heater has an output of five kilowatts and functions independently of the engine. It can be activated with a switch in the vehicle, using remote control from a distance of up to 300 metres or via a timer function.