Off-road capability - tenacious and uncompromising


Experience the world with all your senses

On the market for over thirty years, this model series cuts an impressive figure on rough terrain off the beaten path, whether for private or professional use. The exciting journey of the G-Class began back in 1979. Over the years it has experienced countless technical enhancements and modernisations in its model variants without sacrificing its unique character in the process.

Always moving forward – in every scenario

The G-Class offers tried-and-tested technology so that you can power through tough terrain. Sophisticated solutions from Mercedes-Benz ensure that this model can continue driving even when only one wheel has grip.

The three differential locks of the G-Class can be individually engaged in a logically determined sequence. As a result they can adapt the vehicle’s handling to its surroundings in the best possible way. If a wheel loses traction, power will be distributed to the wheels with the best roadholding.

At home on any terrain thanks to cutting edge technology

When faced with challenging surfaces off the beaten track, the driver receives additional assistance from the transfer case with low-range ratio (specified as standard). Simply press the low-range switch to activate this function.

The transfer case shifts from the on-road ratio to the off-road ratio. The result is a slope climbing ability of up to 80 percent at a slow speed and maximum traction.

  • A perfect combination: the permanent all-wheel drive, the synchronised transfer case and the 4ETS Electronic Traction System work together in perfect harmony in the G-Class.
  • Practically no limits: thanks to its rigid axles, long suspension travel and a ground clearance of 21 cm, the G-Class Cabriolet can handle virtually any obstacle – even mud or water up to a depth of 60 cm.