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Environmentally compatible concepts

BlueEFFICIENCY from Mercedes-Benz stands for pioneering efficiency technologies as well as innovative packages of measures based on optimising fuel consumption and emission levels.

BlueEFFICIENCY measures

BlueEFFICIENCY measures are comprehensive vehicle optimisations that help to save fuel and ease the burden on the environment. In the new GL, too, the most efficient engines are combined with the best features available, to keep fuel consumption to a minimum. These include:

Intelligent energy management

Significant savings can also come from a series of small contributions. With the aim of making the new GL more fuel efficient, the Mercedes-Benz engineers examined all the main components with regard to their energy usage and found ways of getting them to work more economically.

ECO start/stop function

The ECO start/stop function reduces fuel consumption and emissions by switching off the engine automatically when the vehicle is stationary (at traffic lights or in a traffic jam, for example).

It can be deactivated manually by a switch and is automatically suspended under certain conditions, for example, when the interior temperature goes below the temperature set (linked to the climate control system).

Tyres with optimised rolling resistance

The rolling resistance of the tyres has a big influence on a vehicle’s consumption. For this reason, Mercedes-Benz deploys tyres with low rolling resistance in the new GL as well. They are formed in a different way and use a different rubber blend to conventional tyres. With unchanged handling and braking characteristics, the rolling resistance can be markedly reduced with them.

Efficiency technologies in the new GL

The diesel engine in the GL 350 BlueTEC is impressive for its outstanding performance characteristics and low consumption. Injection pressure has been increased, operation smoothness enhanced and noise levels optimised, while reduced compression makes for lower emissions.

BlueTEC catalytic converter technology

BlueTEC is the name given to the technology developed by Mercedes-Benz for effective cleaning and aftertreatment of exhaust gases from diesel drive systems.

The modular system produces exemplary values for all the exhaust gas constituents and also impresses for the sustained reduction achieved in nitrogen oxide emissions. The BlueTEC catalytic converter technology uses the reactive material AdBlue® to treat the exhaust gases. Nitrogen oxide emissions can be cut by up to 90 percent as a result.

[1] The figures shown for fuel consumption and CO2 emissions were obtained in accordance with the prescribed measuring process (Regulation [EC] 715/2007 in its currently applicable version). The figures are not based on an individual vehicle and do not constitute part of the product offer; they are provided solely for purposes of comparison between different vehicle models.