Design - a symbol of greatness and elegance


Overwhelming dynamism, even at a standstill

The design of the new GL-Class is full of character and you can see at a glance that it is a sports utility vehicle. It brings together expressive design, a high sense of perceived value, generous spaciousness and excellent ease of operation to form a powerful presence. It is a futuristic interpretation of a modern SUV. The attributes "imposing", "superior" and "generous" are clearly reflected in it.

The exterior – self-assured and powerful

The exterior of the new GL-Class radiates a striking presence: the eye of the beholder is drawn irresistably to the dynamic lines of its design, roving with appreciation from the powerful rear end over the athletic flanks through to the characteristic radiator grille. Its appearance, which exudes effortless superiority, leaves one in no doubt that this vehicle, with all its comforts, is a truly luxurious SUV.

With a vehicle length of 5120 millimeters (+ 21 millimeters) and width of 1934 millimeters (+ 14 millimeters), the new GL, in comparison to its predecessor, is both longer and wider and as a result has an even more impressive appearance.The powerful radiator trim with centrally-positioned three-pointed star, the redesigned headlamps and the typical D-pillar also play their part.

This impression is reinforced by the optional, LED-illuminated running boards in an aluminium finish.

The rear position lamps have remained two-tone (red/light red and red/clear white) and are also two-piece, comprising sidewall and rear door lights.Fibre-optic cable has been used in the taillamp, and LED technology in the indicator.

Its impressive appearance is rounded off by the large chrome-look underguard in the front and rear bumpers that is so typical of an SUV; and the chrome trim running the length of the door and side panels which comes as standard.

The interior - true greatness lies in the detail

Every kilometre in the new GL-Class is an unforgettable experience, made up from an abundance of carefully composed impressions. The tarmac slipping away underneath it can only be experienced as a quiet whisper. The high-quality materials and the high-class craftmanship deployed in the interior flatter the senses. And the luxurious and generous spaciousness of the interior imparts a feeling of unforced poise and assurance.

The integrated design of the interior, which uses many high-quality materials and displays an attention to detail throughout, is compelling. The 3rd seating row demonstrates a sensible use of the generous amount of space on offer, and allows seven adults to be transported.

The new GL will win you over with its spacious, ample interior dimensions, which can be clearly felt even on first getting into the vehicle thanks to the huge legroom, headroom and elbow width available. On all three rows.

Both at the front and the rear, getting into the vehicle is an easy, comfortable process, thanks to the greatest possible door opening angle and generously-sized adjustment ranges for seats and steering wheel. The EASY-ENTRY system on both sides and a high roof edge are features also worthy of mention.

And there is an emphasis on flexibility when it comes to the luggage compartment and the seating. The new GL has a split rear seat bench with many settings options in the second row; individual seats in the third row which can be folded down and lowered electrically; and an optional folding and lockable luggage compartment floor.