Equipment packages - treat yourself to that extra something


Comfortable and easy off-road driving

The new GL offers a large range of options to make off-road driving even easier. Choose the best packages from the range and make your adventure even more comfortable.

designo Exclusive package (optional)

The designo Exclusive package, through its stylish and perfectly matched appointments, gives the vehicle a particularly enhanced sense of perceived value and exclusivity.

The exclusive details of this package have been stylishly matched to each other and are available in the colours marron, black and porcelain. The designo Exclusive package contains high-class appointments which offer wide-ranging possibilities to further individualise your vehicle.

  • AMG sports seats and rear seats with (perforated) upholstery and door centre panels in designo leather in the relevant designo upholstery colour, including "AMG" metal badges in the front and rear backrests (only available for the GL 63 AMG)
  • Armrests in the doors and centre console and handrests in designo leather in the relevant designo upholstery colour
  • Automatic AKSE child seat recognition
  • designo seats with (perforated) upholstery and door centre panels in designo leather in the relevant designo upholstery colour with exclusive diamond stitching in the front and rear, including "AMG" metal badges in the front and rear backrests
  • designo roof lining in black DINAMICA microfibre
  • designo floormats in black velour edged in black designo leather, with "designo" metal badges
  • Double sunblinds in black DINAMICA microfibre
  • Top and bottom of the instrument panel and door edges in black designo leather (top of instrument panel in marron where vehicle is upholstered in marron designo leather)
  • Heated front seats
Anti-theft protection package (optional)

The Anti-Theft Protection package combines various items of equipment which can help to protect the vehicle from break-ins, theft and unauthorised towing. An alarm sounds in case of unauthorised entry into the vehicle.

Authorisation required: The system triggers an alarm if an unauthorised person opens one of the vehicle doors, tailgate or bonnet. The alarm also sounds if the ignition lock is shorted/removed or the foot brake applied.

Movement sensor: The tow-away protection function responds to a change in the position of the vehicle and can be deactivated – for example, if the car is being towed or loaded onto another vehicle.

Driving Assistance package Plus (optional)[1]

The Driving Assistance Package Plus makes an active contribution to safety in everyday driving situations. The proximity control, lane-change control and blind spot warning functions together with the brake system optimisation all contribute decisively to safe travel and a safe arrival.

  • Keeping one’s distance: DISTRONIC PLUS proximity control helps the driver to maintain a specified (timed) distance from the vehicle in front when travelling at speeds of 0 to 200 km/h.
  • Extended field of vision: The Active Blind Spot Assist uses radar and monitors the blind spot areas to the left, right and rear of the vehicle. If a vehicle is detected within the monitored range, a warning symbol is displayed in the driver's exterior mirror. Should the driver fail to notice the warning and start to change lane, the ESP® system can intervene.
  • Staying in line: Active Lane Keeping Assist continuously registers the lane markings on the road. Should the system identify that the vehicle is drifting over a line or markings in an uncontrolled manner, it can counter this with an active braking intervention
  • If required: the BAS PLUS Brake Assist system can help to make the best use of the stopping distance available between the driver's own vehicle and an obstacle, so that the driver behind also has enough space for braking
  • In the event of danger: the PRE-SAFE® brake can help prevent rear-end collisions. The system issues three warning tones to alert the driver if it detects the immediate risk of a rear-end collision. If the driver does not respond, the system initiates autonomous partial braking 1.6 seconds before the calculated collision moment, decelerating the vehicle with around 40 percent of maximum braking power (4 m/s2), providing a further prompt to take action Should the driver fail to react to this haptic signal too, the PRE-SAFE® brake will - if the collision can no longer be avoided - trigger an autonomous full brake application, which can mitigate the severity of the impact.
Memory package[2]

The memory package in front makes frequent change of drivers much easier. It stores the individual settings for the front seats for up to three people. The switch for this is in an easily visible position in the seat console.

As soon as a driver selects a setting with the touch of a button, electric controls automatically set the seat, exterior mirrors and steering column back to the previously saved positions. The four-way lumbar support provides even more comfort. At the push of a button, the backrest curvature of the front seats can be set to meet individual passenger requirements and provide anatomically appropriate support for the spine in the lumbar area.

ON&OFFROAD package (optional)[3], [4]

The ON/OFF-ROAD Package offers the driver greater handling control – both on the road and off it.

The driver uses a rotary switch to select from six different preset drive modes. Each drive mode aligns vehicle configuration with driving situation and road surface as effectively as possible. The centre differential also features a manual 100% differential lock and an additional reduction gear (low range) has been integrated for off-road reduction.

The following drive modes are available:

  • AUTO: All systems in standard mode
  • Off-road 1 (sand, easy terrain): ESP®/ETS increased thresholds, off-road ABS, air spring level 1, comfort damping, flat accelerator characteristics, optimised gearshift points
  • Off-road 2 (rough terrain): ESP® increased thresholds, ETS sensitive thresholds, air spring level 2, comfort damping, flat pedal characteristics, optimised gearshift points, DSR activated, lock closed
  • Sport: Sport air spring level, Sport damping, steep accelerator characteristics, optimised transmission functions, dynamic lock control, sporty steering response
  • Snow: ESP®/ETS for snow chain usage and optimised cornering stability, optimised gearshift programs
  • Trailer: Optimised gearshift programs and locking function
Parking package (optional)

The new Parking package contains an innovation: a 360° camera system displays the area surrounding the vehicle from a bird's-eye view in the display of the COMAND Online multimedia system. Over and above this, the Parking package assists the driver to manoeuvre and park in narrow areas.

The Parking package makes it easier to assess the situation in any manoeuvre, due to the fact all four sides of the vehicle are monitored. It assists in off-road driving on difficult terrain through image transmission; and can issue visual and audible warnings of obstacles in front of or behind the vehicle and thus help to prevent damage when manoeuvring.

This includes:

  • 360° camera: The system comprises a short-range camera system with four cameras and a control unit, which together can provide a bird's-eye view of the vehicle and its surroundings One camera is fitted in the centre of the radiator grille at the front, one camera is fitted in each of the exterior mirrors and one camera is fitted in the centre of the rear door The resulting "virtual viewpoint" produced by the camera images covers an area of approximately three metres in front of and behind the vehicle The images are shown on a display in the head unit When reversing or parking, additional guide lines are displayed to help orientation and the parking manoeuvre The swivel range when turning the wheel is shown along the sides of the vehicle The camera image changes automatically when the gear is changed (forwards/reversing) The four camera views can also be selected individually through the central controls in the head unit
  • Active Parking Assist:At a speed of up to 36 km/h, Active Parking Assist looks for suitable parking spaces using the two ultrasonic sensors in the front bumper. The automatic parking space search function is indicated by a "P" symbol in the instrument cluster. If Active Parking Assist has found a parking space, an arrow appears next to the "P". By default, Active Parking Assist searches for parking spaces on the right-hand side of the road. If the indicator on the driver's side is active, parking spaces on the left-hand side are also detected The driver starts the parking manoeuvring process by stopping ahead of the indicated parking space, selecting reverse and confirming the prompt which appears in the instrument cluster. Active Parking Assist then takes over the steering at a speed of up to 10 km/h. The driver only has to operate the accelerator and brake. The parking manoeuvre is completed in a maximum of 5 moves. The final parking move is indicated by the message "Parking Assist complete" in the display. This message is accompanied by an acoustic signal.
  • PARKTRONIC: The system can, using visible and audible signals, warn of obstacles detected in front of the vehicle and behind it. It is active up to a speed of about 16 km/h.
Smoker package (optional)

The Smoker package provides a conveniently positioned ashtray and cigarette lighter in the vehicle. The cigarette lighter also serves as a 12V socket. The package takes the place of the front and rear stowage compartments.The Smoker package also comprises an ashtray in the second seating row.

Mirror package (optional)

The exterior mirrors can be electrically retracted and moved back to their original position from within easy reach of the driver. Whether driving through narrow entrances and exits, parking the car or going through automatic car washes, this preventive protection helps prevent damage to the mirror casing. The exterior and interior mirrors on the driver’s side help to enhance safety and comfort. They have an automatic dimming function which eliminates the need for manual adjustments.

Lane Tracking package (optional)

The innovative Lane Tracking Package includes Blind Spot Assist and Lane Keeping Assist and significantly enhances safety in road traffic.

The Lane Keeping Assist feature warns the driver by means of a discreet vibration of the steering wheel as soon as he unintentionally drifts across the lane markings which have been registered by the system, and leaves the lane he is in. If, prior to crossing the lane, the indicator had been actuated or the steering wheel firmly turned, the system assumes that the lane change is intentional and does not react.

Blind Spot Assist helps the driver to avoid potentially critical situations by monitoring the areas to the left and right of the vehicle when changing lanes. If the system detects another vehicle within the monitoring range, a hazard warning triangle lights up in the corresponding exterior mirror.

Winter package (optional)

The Winter package enhances comfort for the vehicle occupants. Thus, for example, ride comfort is ensured at low temperatures too by remote-controlled auxiliary heating, a heated windscreen washer system and seat heating for the driver and front passenger.

The auxiliary heating is operated independently of the engine. It can be operated via a switch in the vehicle interior, a programmable timer in the instrument cluster and also via remote control.

[1] Only in conjunction with COMAND Online, COMAND Online with 6-disc DVD changer, Becker® MAP PILOT or in conjunction with Audio 20 CD with 6-disc DVD changer, Audio 20 CD, Mirror package available.[2] Optional extra for the GL 350 BlueTEC 4MATIC[3] Not available for the GL 63 AMG[4] Only available in conjunction with COMAND Online