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Environmentally compatible concepts

BlueEFFICIENCY from Mercedes-Benz stands for pioneering efficiency technologies as well as innovative packages of measures based on optimising fuel consumption and emission levels.

BlueEFFICIENCY measures

BlueEFFICIENCY measures are comprehensive vehicle optimisations that help save fuel and ease the burden on the environment. The new GLA-Class models also benefit from the deployment of the most efficient engines in conjunction with carefully designed aerodynamics and energy management measures to keep fuel consumption to a minimum. In addition to intelligent energy management they also have tyres optimised for rolling resistance. All engines also meet the requirements of the Euro 6 emissions standards.


A low drag means less fuel consumption. With a Cd value as low as 0.29 the new GLA occupies one of the leading positions in the segment of compact SUVs. These outstanding aerodynamics are the result of an intelligent combination of the following measures:

  • Lower A-pillar ledge with aerodynamically optimised A-pillar geometry/li>
  • Seals around front bumper, radiator shroud and headlamps
  • Highly aerodynamically designed exterior mirror housing as well as aerodynamically designed wheel trim and rear mufflers
  • Streamlined rear end with roof spoiler, side spoiler and tail lamps with separation edge
  • Comprehensive underfloor flow channelling with extensive panelling of the main floor, additional shrouds in the centre section of the rear axle and diffuser in the rear bumper
ECO start/stop function

Automatically switching off the engine when stationary, for example in tailbacks or at traffic lights, lowers fuel consumption and emissions and saves fuel costs. The ECO start/stop function operates particularly effectively, quickly and quietly.

The function can be deactivated manually by a switch and is automatically suspended under certain conditions, for example, when the interior temperature falls below the selected temperature (linked to the climate control system).

Intelligent energy management

Significant savings are the result of a series of small contributions. In the new GLA all important components were examined with regard to their energy need, and options to make them operate even more efficiently were uncovered.

  • Fuel pump, water pump, oil pump and the electric motor for the steering gear have on-demand control.
  • The air conditioning compressor is only switched on if there is a requirement to cool or if the windscreen moisture sensor registers that interior humidity is too high.
Environmental compatibility and recyclability

The new GLA – like all Mercedes-Benz model series – is earmarked to receive an environmental certificate on the basis of the international ISO/TR 14062 standards (environmental management – integration of environmental aspects into product design and development). It rates the environmental compatibility of the new GLA over the entire lifecycle, from manufacturing to long years of use to recycling.

Efficiency technologies in the new GLA.

Mercedes-Benz feels responsible for the protection of natural resources and for providing sustainable and at the same time efficient technologies. After all, the goal is to ensure future mobility.

[1] The figures shown for fuel consumption and CO2 emissions were obtained in accordance with the prescribed measuring process (Regulation [EC] 715/2007 in its currently applicable version). The figures are not based on an individual vehicle and do not constitute part of the product offer; they are provided solely for purposes of comparison between different vehicle models