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The new S-Class Coupé. Gran Performer

There are visions one follows without hesitation. The new S-Class Coupé radiates a sense of benevolent authority so impressively that it may well be considered a figure of great charisma on the road.

Its athletic design and lines leave no doubt as to its uncompromising assertiveness. However, the new S-Class Coupé is much too classy to boast about its power alone. It is its sheer attractiveness that convinces – its compelling charm that manages to conjure up a smile on the face of the beholder again and again.

Exterior – attractive beyond belief.

Its striking front section impressively signals the sporting pre-eminence of the new S-Class Coupé. The three-dimensional Mercedes grille with the Mercedes star and single louvre is the centrepiece. It is flanked by the clearly defined LED High Performance headlamps of the standard-specification LED Intelligent Light System, optionally featuring Swarovski crystals.

With two powerdomes and clearly modelled lines, the bonnet also sets powerful accents. The striking front bumper features large air intakes in the centre and at the sides. A dynamic chrome wing in the lower section round off the bumper.

The side design displays the exciting, dynamic, silhouette of a large sporty coupé. Its low greenhouse, high waistline and frameless doors all bear witness to its classic exclusivity. The interplay of falling and rising character lines produces an air of lightness and forward thrust even when the vehicle is standing still.

The rear section combines sports and style definitively. Lateral tapering, muscular rear wings, and a chrome brace all underscore its width. The two-part LED tail lamps and the rear bumper with diffuser and two visible tailpipe trim elements underscore the vehicle's exclusivity and sportiness.

Interior – character in its purest form.

Time for turning inwards. Above all, the new S-Class Coupé guides the driver to himself. Its inside reflects the great interior design concepts and literally invites to become one with the vehicle.

With its harmoniously composed material and colour concept, the innovative interior is "all of a piece". The high-quality workmanship and the fine surfaces convey a handcrafted character and represent a joy for all the senses.

The sculptural dashboard is an expression of the high design standards of the new S-Class Coupé and is the result of meticulous development work. It consists of various parts, meticulously put together, yet appears as an organic unit. This is made possible by the interaction of precise assembly techniques, fine materials and the highest standard of workmanship.

The 3-D structure is underlined by large-surface wood trim elements spanning the width from door to door and at the same time forming the frame for the innovative display unit. It appears to float in the air. An all-round shadow seam and ambience lighting increase this effect.