Environment. Fast forward to tomorrow.


Environmentally compatible concepts

BlueEFFICIENCY from Mercedes-Benz stands for pioneering efficiency technology as well as innovative packages of measures based on optimising fuel consumption and emission levels.

BlueEFFICIENCY measures

BlueEFFICIENCY measures are comprehensive vehicle optimisations that help save fuel and ease the burden on the environment. The new S-Class Coupé combines powerful, supremely efficient engines with sophisticated aerodynamic features and energy management measures to keep fuel consumption to a minimum.

ECO start/stop function

What's the best way to save fuel and reduce emission levels? By switching off the engine whenever it's not needed. Engine off when the vehicle is stationary, engine on when you release the brake. This is normal procedure in our vehicles.

Automatically switching off the engine when stationary, for example in tailbacks or at traffic lights, lowers fuel consumption and emissions and saves fuel costs. The ECO start/stop function operates particularly effectively, quickly and quietly.


The new S-Class Coupé also leads the way where environmental compatibility is concerned – from development and production, to vehicle operation and recycling at the end of a long service life.

The use of materials with very good recycling characteristics and low emissions in their manufacture, processing and deployment is already a high priority for us today.

In this spirit, the new S-Class Coupé can guarantee a material recycling capability of around 85 percent and re-usability proportion of 95 percent of the materials used in accordance with ISO 22628.

What's more, there is increasing use of components containing a high proportion of renewable raw materials or recycled sub-components in the manufacturing process.