Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive


On the road to accident-free driving

What began with PRE-SAFE® ten years ago and continued with DISTRONIC PLUS we have now advanced into a new dimension in driving: Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive – comfort and safety have now been fused. You can see it and feel it in the new S-Class Coupé.

Thanks to the networking – our safety experts refer to it as "sensor fusion“ – the intelligent assistance systems access extensive sensor and system data. They analyse complex situations and thanks to improved surround sensors are even better at recognising road traffic hazards.

Equipment availability depends on the engine and configuration selected. You will find details in the equipment information for each model.

360° camera (optional)

Now you have a full overview when manoeuvring, enabling you to park more easily. The "virtual viewpoint" created by the camera images covers an area of about three metres in front of, and behind, the vehicle, and about two and a half metres to either side. In different views additional auxiliary lines are faded in to help parking.

This system makes parking and manoeuvring with a realistic all-round view possible with the help of four networked cameras. The vehicle and its surroundings can be shown in a bird's-eye view on the COMAND Online display, and obstacles below the window line are also visible to the driver. This helps, for example, when approaching kerbstones.

The 360° camera is activated by engaging reverse, pressing the corresponding button or via the COMAND Online menu. The views switch automatically, for instance when switching between forward and reverse gears, and can also be selected individually. The rear-mounted camera is protected against soiling by the large Mercedes star on the boot lid. The star pivots upwards electrically when the 360-degree camera is activated.

Standard equipment for the S 65 AMG.

DISTRONIC PLUS proximity control with STEER CONTROL and Stop & Go Pilot (optional)

The driving assistance system helps the driver to maintain a safe distance from the traffic ahead and to keep the vehicle in the centre of the lane. DISTRONIC PLUS with STEER CONTROL and Stop & Go Pilot make your life easier, particularly on long journeys and when following vehicles in a traffic jam.

The radar-based system brakes if necessary and accelerates again if possible until the set speed. This way the risk of rear-end collisions is reduced and ride comfort is enhanced. DISTRONIC PLUS operates in the speed range from 0 to 200 km/h and can be activated with the vehicle stationary and without a vehicle travelling ahead.

Part of the optional Driving Assistance package Plus; standard equipment for the S 65 AMG.

ADAPTIVE BRAKE with Hill-Start Assist, priming, brake drying and HOLD function

The highest level of occupant safety is paramount for us. Proven systems protect you in situations that can occur daily in road traffic.

The braking system increases driving comfort and safety. On the one hand it helps to perform critical braking manoeuvres with the basic function of the ABS anti-lock braking system while convenience functions make coping with daily driving situations easier on the other.

By priming the brakes the brake linings are already brought close to the discs should the driver takes his foot abruptly off the accelerator. The valuable time won as a result shortens the brakes' response time and can thus reduce the stopping distance.

The HOLD function relieves the driver when stopping at traffic lights or in stop-and-go traffic by preventing unintentional rolling back of the vehicle. If the brake pedal is firmly depressed for a short time, it then maintains the braking pressure, allowing the driver to take his foot off the brake. The function switches itself off again automatically as the car moves off.

The system also intervenes to support the driver on uphill gradients, thereby helping to make the journey more relaxed. The Hill-Start Assist function prevents the vehicle from rolling back when moving from the brake to the accelerator pedal.

And finally, the brake drying function provides a further boost to safety: Short braking impulses, unnoticeable to the driver, remove the water film which forms on the brake discs in wet conditions, which can considerably shorten the response time of the brakes.

Active Parking Assist

Active Parking Assist makes finding a parking space as well as parking and leaving a parallel or on-end parking space easier. It automatically steers the vehicle into parking spaces and spares the driver the steering and braking actions.

Active Parking Assist is automatically engaged when driving forwards at speeds up to 35 km/h. If the vehicle travels slower than 30 km/h, the system indicates with a "P" symbol and a directional arrow in the multifunction display of the instrument cluster that it has located a suitable parking space. By default the system looks on the right side of the road, when the left-side turn indicator is activated also on the left side of the road.

If the driver changes into reverse gear, confirms the parking selection shown and drives no faster than 10 km/h, the active Parking Assist carries out the steering manoeuvre on its own. The driver only needs to operate the accelerator and brake pedal; in a maximum of seven moves parking is complete. The driver can at any time intervene and correct the parking manoeuvre. The electronic parking aid PARKTRONIC monitors the front and rear of the vehicle during manoeuvring and warns the driver when it detects a potential collision. It is active at a speed of up to 18 km/h.

Active Parking Assist at a glance:

  • 12 ultra-sound sensors for precise information
  • Calculation of an adequate drive-in track from the current vehicle position
  • Driver intervention is possible at all times (Active Parking Assist is then automatically deactivated)
  • Parking even in small parking spaces and in several moves is possible
  • On/Off switch for PARKTRONIC function on the centre console
  • Relieves the strain on the driver by helping to search for a parking space
  • Comfortable driving into, and out of, parking spaces through active steering and braking intervention
  • Visual display on dashboard and on the roof lining at rear
  • PARKTRONIC provides visual and audible warning of obstacles in front of, and behind, the vehicle and helps avoid damage when manoeuvring
Active Lane Keeping Assist (optional)

Staying safely on track! The system can identify if the vehicle is unintentionally drifting out of lane, warn the driver through steering-wheel vibrations, and can help to return the vehicle to the correct lane by selectively braking individual wheels.

Inattention and fatigue can result in you drifting out of your lane without realising it. With the aid of a stereo camera, the system can detect when continuous or interrupted lane marking are crossed unintentionally. If this happens, the driver is immediately warned by means of the steering wheel vibrating.

If the driver does not react to the warning, Active Lane Lane-Keeping Assist can help to return the vehicle to the correct lane by selectively braking individual wheels Braking interventions are always performed when the vehicle unintentionally drifts across continuous lane marking lines. In the case of interrupted lane marking lines, an intervention only takes place if the radar sensors detect the danger of a collision on the adjacent lane, for instance, due to oncoming vehicles, overtaking vehicles or the presence of another vehicle travelling in the same direction.

If driver action is detected or if the turn indicator has been set, the intervention does not take place at all. The system operates in the speed range from 60 to 200 km/h and in the instrument cluster via the "Assistance" menu under "Settings" it can be activated/deactivated and adjusted in terms of sensitivity (Standard / Adaptive).

Part of the optional Driving Assistance package Plus; standard equipment for the S 65 AMG.

Active Blind Spot Assist (optional)

The system makes one of the biggest dangers in road traffic visible – vehicles in the blind spot. If changing lane, for example, it can warn the driver and apply selective braking to individual wheels to avert a potential collision.

The Active Blind Spot Assist radar sensors monitor the hard-to-see sector at the sides and behind the vehicle. If a vehicle is detected in the blind spot area, a red triangle appears in the relevant exterior mirror.

If the driver fails to notice the warning and indicates to signal a lane change, the warning light starts to flash and an audible warning is sounded. If in spite of the warnings a lane change is initiated, the system can warn the driver by tangible course-correcting braking interventions and if even then no reaction is forthcoming, can contribute actively towards manoeuvring the vehicle out of the danger zone.

Course-correcting braking interventions can be made in the speed range from 30 to 200 km/h. As soon as the system is active at a speed above 30 km/h, this is displayed in the assistance graph in the instrument cluster.

Part of the optional Driving Assistance package Plus; standard equipment for the S 65 AMG.


We are watching you. But only with your safety in mind. Our analysis of your driving ensures that you remember to take a break. For your own safety.

In particular on long trips and when driving at night this system can increase driving safety. Based on the driver's actions ATTENTION ASSIST recognises typical signs of fatigue and inattentiveness and issues visual and audible warnings of impending microsleep.

BAS PLUS with Cross-Traffic Assist (optional)

The preventive system can reduce the risk of rear-end and crossing-traffic accidents. If a dangerous situation is detected and the driver applies the brakes, BAS PLUS can increase brake pressure in accordance with the situation, in order to ideally prevent a collision with a vehicle or a pedestrian.

Radar sensors and a stereo camera are used to permanently record and evaluate the situation ahead of the vehicle. In doing so, the system assesses not only the vehicle ahead, but also – up to a speed of 72 km/h – crossing vehicles and pedestrians. If an impact is unavoidable, a full brake application reduces the impact speed as much as possible.

Part of the optional Driving Assistance package Plus; Standard equipment for the S 65 AMG.

BAS Brake Assist

The system can recognise an emergency stop by the driver and increases the brake pressure within fractions of a second to shorten the stopping distance. To do so, Brake Assist interprets the speed at which the brake pedal is depressed.


The system warns the driver by means of a red warning lamp if the distance to a vehicle travelling ahead is too small. If it detects the danger of a collision it also warns by means of an audible signal. The driver's braking action can then be supported, and if the driver fails to react, the vehicle speed can be autonomously reduced.

Too low a following distance between vehicles is one of the main causes of severe accidents. COLLISION PREVENTION ASSIST PLUS helps to minimise the danger of a rear-end collision and mitigate the consequences of an accident. The driving assistance system combines a radar-based distance warning system with Adaptive Brake Assist braking support and independent partial braking.

A warning light appears in the instrument cluster if the distance to the vehicle ahead falls below a preset value for several seconds within the speed range 7 to 250 km/h. An intermittent tone is also sounded if the distance continues to drop quickly.

A potential collision with a moving object can be identified within the speed range 7 to 250 km/h – and with a stationary obstacle within the range 7 to 72 km/h. If the driver responds with emergency braking, Adaptive Brake Assist can help. If required, it boosts braking pressure to help prevent a collision where possible.

If the driver does not respond, the system initiates autonomous partial braking. This significantly reduces road speed and the driver receives an additional haptic warning. At low relative speeds, this intervention is sufficient to prevent a rear-end collision.

Unlike the speed range of operation of the Adaptive Brake Assist system, an independent partial braking.intervention is available at speeds between 7 and 105 km/h for moving objects.


  • If the driver does not react, the system initiates independent partial braking
  • Adaptive Brake Assist increases bake pressure
  • Combination of distance warning, brake booster and independent partial braking
  • Visual warning (lamp) active in speed range 7 to 250 km/h
  • System reduces the danger of rear-end collisions and mitigates the consequences of an accident
  • Additional audible warning if the distance to the vehicle ahead continues to reduce quickly

Not available for the S 65 AMG.

ESP® Dynamic Curve Assist

The ESP®-based system provides more stability and handling safety in particular when accelerating on bends. If the ESP® sensors register a tendency to understeer, it can reduce this tendency with a targeted brake intervention on the inside wheels.

Headlamp Assist

Depending on the ambient light Headlamp Assist automatically switches the dipped-beam on or off. In particular under rapidly changing light conditions the system can enhance driving safety and relieve the burden on the driver, e.g. when driving into a tunnel or a multi-storey car park.

LED Intelligent Light System

Watch how your vehicle also watches. And responds: Different weather, light and driving conditions mean different demands on vehicle lighting.

For better visibility on secondary roads and motorways, when turning or cornering, the LED Intelligent Light System adapts to light and driving conditions. Adaptive Highbeam Assist Plus allows continuous long-range illumination of the road ahead without dazzle.

Since LED headlamps are closer to the colour spectrum of daylight than xenon headlamps, for example, they are easier on the driver's eyes. We consistently implement LED technology, ensuring that bulb changes are no longer necessary throughout the vehicle's service life.

Equipment and appointments at a glance:

  • Active Curve Light for significantly longer-range illumination in curves
  • Automatic adjustment of headlamps to weather, light and driving conditions for the best possible vision in every situation
  • Automatic control of high beam through the Adaptive Highbeam Assist Plus for continuous long-range illumination of the road ahead
  • Expanded foglamp functionality for better orientation in low visibility conditions
  • LED technology for low energy consumption, long useful life and a pleasant white light akin to natural sunlight
  • Turn indicator switches on automatically
  • Selective covering of light cone to avoid dazzling oncoming traffic and drivers of vehicles travelling in front
  • Variable low-beam for country roads and motorways
Night View Assist Plus (optional)

While the night time accounts for only 20 per cent of all traffic volume, 40 per cent of all fatal accidents happen during that time. This system puts the driver in a position to see people or animals sooner. They are clearly shown on the multifunction display of the instrument cluster.

To do this the system illuminates the road ahead with two infra-red headlamps without dazzling other drivers. With the help of an infra-red camera located behind the windscreen the entire high-beam range can be represented as a sharp image in shades of grey. A thermal imaging camera in the radiator grille enables a targeted warning to be given by distinguishing irrelevant objects such as clusters of road signs or bushes from relevant objects such as people and large animals.

The latter are shown in the display highlighted by means of small coloured frames. The Spotlight function can flash a spotlight repeatedly at pedestrians in a hazardous situation so that the driver can detect them more readily and they can realise they are in danger. As standard procedure the Night View image is only phased in automatically when a dangerous situation has been detected.

PRE-SAFE® PLUS (optional)

If a rear-end collision threatens, this expansion of the PRE-SAFE® system is able to initiate preventive occupant protection measures. These include warning following traffic and a brake locking function when the vehicle is stationary and the driver indicates that the vehicle is to remain at a standstill.

Locking the brake reduces the forces acting on the occupants in an impact by reducing the forward jolt caused by the rear-end collision, and then prevents the vehicle from rolling forward e.g. at a junction or pedestrian crossing. This means that in addition to protecting the vehicle occupants the risk of secondary accidents is also reduced. Other functions include reversible belt tensioning for the driver and front passenger to secure them in place and better prepare them for an impending crash.

Part of the optional Driving Assistance package Plus; standard equipment for the S 65 AMG.

PRE-SAFE® system

Every Mercedes-Benz vehicle boasts decades of experience in safety technology – making critical situations more and more unlikely. If despite this a critical situation should ever arise, this system will assist you with preventive and protective measures.

The PRE-SAFE® system delivers a combination of active and passive protection. Seat belts and airbags can protect vehicle occupants more effectively if they incorporate active systems such as driving assistance packages or Brake Assist.

PRE-SAFE® evaluates sensor data from other systems, such as the Electronic Stability Program ESP® and Brake Assist system BAS, and can identify scenarios such as heavy over/understeer and emergency braking.

The system is able to identify critical handling situations in advance and initiate preventive measures for occupant protection in the event of an impending accident. These include e.g. the reversible belt tensioning or the automatic closing of any open windows.

The system has the following functions:

  • Increases occupant safety through the triggering of various safety mechanisms.
  • The automatic closing of any open side windows and of the optional panoramic sliding sunroof can protect the vehicle occupants against being hit by penetrating or flying objects.
  • Supports the protective effect of seat belts and airbags, dependent on the vehicle model and its the vehicle equipment.
Crosswind Assist

In strong, gusty crosswind the system can help the driver to remain in the lane. Targeted brake interventions significantly reduce the vehicle's lateral drift. This enhances the driver's sense of security and helps prevent undue reactions.

Traffic Sign Assist

The daily routine and road traffic are stressful enough. That's why this Assist function is so useful. Your vehicle always has an overview of the current speed limit. Particularly useful on long or monotonous motorway journeys.

The system is able to recognise speed limits, "no-entry" and "no-overtaking" signs and their cancellation, and show them in the instrument cluster. If the appropriate signs are posted, the system issues a visual and audible warning when the driver enters a street contrary to road traffic regulations against the specified direction of travel.