Interior comfort - an oasis of peace and relaxation


High-tech for multifunctional travelling - the rear seat of the new S-Class

Work or relax - both are possible in the back of the new S-Class. Unique systems ensure that passengers can travel in uncompromising comfort. The vehicle can glide like a flying carpet along the roads, and the individually scented space will fill passengers with a sense of perfect well-being. The interior of the new S-Class is the executive floor on tour.

360° camera (optional)

You now have a good all-round view when manoeuvring and are even better placed to avoid collisions: In addition to the reversing camera the vehicle has a camera system which monitors the areas to the side and immediately in front of the vehicle and transmits the images to the COMAND display.

You now have a good all-round view when manoeuvring and are even better placed to avoid collisions: In addition to the reversing camera the vehicle has a camera system which monitors the areas to the side and immediately in front of the vehicle and transmits the images to the COMAND display.

Four cameras and a control unit are intelligently networked together to produce a bird's-eye view of the vehicle and its immediate surrounds. With the help of the camera system the driver can monitor all four sides of the vehicle, which makes assessing the situation while manoeuvring considerably easier.

The system also provides the following assistance:

  • Wing mirror protection and display of non-visible obstacles below the vehicle belt line
  • Enhanced brush guard through the display of PARKTRONIC information on the surrounds
  • Wheels protected through controlled approches to kerbs
  • Simplified aligning and hitching up of trailers
  • Visualisation of traffic crossing ahead and behind the vehicle when exiting a parking space or drive (including object detection and object recognition and highlighting in the camera image)
AIR-BALANCE package (optional)

Personalise your vehicle's interior in a very special way: with a selection of differing, high-class scents to choose from, this package makes your vehicle occupants feel even better, particularly on long journeys.

The vehicle occupants can switch the fragrance on and off, as well as adjust its intensity. Use of this feature does not change the smell of the interior permanently, not do the fragrance molecules settle on the textile surfaces in the car or the occupants' clothing. The fragrance is subtle, is dispersed gently and subsides again quickly.

There is a container in the glove compartment for the glass flacon with the different fragrances (NIGHTLIFE MOOD, DOWNTOWN MOOD, SPORTS MOOD, FREESIDE MOOD), which are intended to remind one of a perfume. The air in the interior is cleaned through ionising with oxygen and can thus contirbute in large part to the feeling of well-being. The package includes air filters that clean the air in the vehicle interior constantly.

Ambient lighting[1]

The ambient lighting bathes the interior of the car in pleasant, indirect light.Seven colour moods allow an individual choice of lighting ambience to be made.

When the doors are opened, the ambient lighting switches itself on and greets the passengers with a "Welcome home" effect. It is also switched on if the exterior lighting is activated; and it is steplessly dimmable and can also be switched off completely.

Chauffeur package (optional)

A rear seat area that offers the very highest levels of comfort, ergonomics and safety – this package significantly increases seating comfort in the rear of the car. For the front passenger seat can be moved into the so-called chauffeur setting. This means it can be slid even further forward than normal, providing additional footroom in the back for the rear-seat passenger sitting there.

Various adjustment options and settings allow the seat position to be adjusted to individual requirements, with the result that travelling becomes a good deal more relaxed for the rear passenger. The outer head restraints extend themselves automatically if someone gets into the back of the car, which increases occupant safety. The Memory function allows up to three individual seat positions to be saved and called up in a matter of seconds. The memory programming covers all seat setting options, such as fore-and-aft position, angle and height of the seat and the head restraint, and the angle and depth of the cushion and the tilt of the seat backrest. Operation is intuitive using ergonomic switches in the door control panels.

The Chauffeur package comprises the following components:

  • Chauffeur setting for the front passenger seat
  • Memory function for the outer rear seats
  • EASY ADJUST luxury head restraint for the passenger, folding and detachable
  • Footrest on the front passenger's side, which can be electrically extended
EASY ADJUST luxury head restraints for driver and front passenger (optional)

Set the ideal head restraint position quickly and simply: with the luxury head restraints, this extra comfort and safety can be afforded at the touch of a button. The height and clearance in relation to the head can be electrically adjusted.

In addition, the angle of the side bolsters can be manually adjusted.

In conjunction with the Chauffeur package for the rear, the head restraint for the front passenger seat can be folded away if it is not occupied. The head restraint for the front passenger seat (chauffeur seat) can be removed so as to use the extended berth position.

Executive seat on the front-passenger side with thigh support (optional)[2]

Sleep stretched out in the back and arrive relaxed at your destination – possible at the touch of a button with the Executive seat: Any number of reclined positions can be set at the touch of a button, aligning the backrest, seat cushions and thigh support to provide the utmost in comfort. The cushion-like head restraint (cushionbag) cradles the head comfortably and safely.

In conjunction with the Chauffeur package the reclined position of the outer rear seat behind the front passenger can be further extended if there are breaks in the journey. The head restraint for the front passenger seat can be removed and the seat back folded completely down, in this way extending the reclining seat to the front.

First-Class Rear with business console and temperature-controlled cupholder (optional)[2]

This package turns the rear seat area into a comfortable mobile office. The business console extends from the centre console in the front to the parcel shelf.

Apart from offering comprehensive connections for mobile phones and notebooks, this specification can also optionally include an integral handset, two folding tables and a refrigerator.

The elements at a glance:

  • Illuminated stowage compartment
  • Stowage compartments with 12 volt sockets
  • Stowage compartment with 230 volt connection (optional)
  • Aux-in and USB sockets
  • 2 temperature-controlled cup holders, with dimmed interior lighting and red/blue (warm/cold) functional lighting
  • Folding tables in the rear (optional)
  • Refrigerator between the rear seats (optional)
  • Mobile phone and handset (optional)
  • Cigarette lighter (in conjunction with the Smoker package)
KEYLESS-GO package (optional)

Keep your hands free for the important things in life. To unlock the doors or start the engine, a driver only needs to have the KEYLESS-GO key with integral chip on his person. To start the engine, he merely needs to press the start/stop button.

In addition, he can open and close the boot lid by pressing the key's remote control buttons. HANDS-FREE ACCESS is a further convenience function. With a kicking motion beneath the rear bumper, the boot lid can be automatically opened and closed.

THERMOTRONIC automatic climate control

The driver and front passenger can adjust the climate control to suit their own requirements for each of their areas. The system keeps the temperature at the desired level automatically, even in strong sunlight. To this end, sensors register the temperature inside and outside the S-Class, controlling the heating, cooling and fan for each temperature zone individually, according to requirements. The footwell temperature can be adjusted independently of the vehicle interior temperature, cooler or warmer, at will.

To suit every taste: there are three climate styles (DIFFUSE, MEDIUM and FOCUS) available for selection in automatic mode. You can use these styles to adjust the interior climate to your individual preferences. Factors such as outside temperature, humidity and sunlight are taken into account. A diffuser panel on the dashboard reduces draughts.

Clean air: Dust and noxious-gas sensors guarantee that virtually all the pollutants remain outside. If required the air vents can close automatically.

Pleasant climate in the second row as well: Passengers in the rear seats have the option of individually controlling the climate control for the rear area: intensity, direction and desired temperature can be conveniently set at the push of a button.

THERMOTRONIC automatic climate control for the rear (optional)

The passengers in the rear can set their own temperature and climate settings to suit their own preferences for a feel-good climate via the control unit with display on the back of the centre console in the front. The intensity of the air coming through the vents, its direction and temperature can all be conveniently set. If wanted, the driver can enter the climate settings for the rear through the central control unit in the front.


This active suspension system is forward-lloking in every sense of the word: for it delivers unparalleled ride comfort by adjusting itself to the state of the road before the wheels make contact with uneven surfaces. For each individual wheel, in split seconds.

The ROAD SURFACE SCAN function uses a stereo camera to capture in detail the condition of the road surface ahead.From the images and data gleaned about the condition of the road surface, the system calculates the correct strategy for adjusting in advance the damping of each wheel so as to deal in the best possible way with the unevenness ahead.

This strategy is then put into practice by the proven ABC (Active Body Control) suspension system with integrated Continous Damping Control so effectively that vibrations are almost imperceptible in the interior. In addition, the hydraulic all-round self-levelling system keeps the vehicle body level constant, independently of the load it is carrying.

Memory package for driver and front passenger[4]

Get in, get set, go – the Memory function is particularly practical when there is a frequent change of drivers, as it stores the individual driver seat settings for up to three people. Both the driver and front passenger can call up their usual positions for seat and mirrors immediately upon getting into the vehicle.

The switches are arranged logically in the doors and are intuitive to operate. As soon as the driver or front passenger selects his or her setting by pressing the button, the height of the seat, angle of the seat cushions and backrest, steering wheel and exterior mirrors are all automatically moved into their saved positions.

So as to be able to keep things constantly in view when parking, the exterior mirror on the passenger side also has a parking function. This moves the exterior mirror on the passenger side automatically into a position giving the driver a better kerbside view as soon as reverse gear is engaged.

The Memory package contains further features and equipment which enhance comfort and safety:

  • 4-way lumbar support for driver and passenger
  • Automatic child seat recognition
  • Rear view mirror automatically set to anti-dazzle
  • Luxury head restraints for driver and passenger
  • PRE-SAFE® positioning function for driver and passenger seats
Panoramic sliding sunroof (optional)

The glass unit makes the interior appear particularly bright and friendly, and thus gives a feeling of generous spaciousness, wherever you are sitting in the vehicle.

When the roof is open, the interior can be naturally ventilated to suit individual requirements using different opening positions. A net-like wind deflector keeps disturbing turbulence out and keeps the noise level pleasantly low. Two-part roller sunblinds in the appointments colour can be closed using one-touch control if the sun is shining in too brightly.

The panoramic sliding sunroof can be operated via the multifunction switch in the roof unit, and it can also be opened (summer opening) or closed (convenience closing) from out side the vehicle using the electronic ignition key.

Heated seats for driver and front passenger

Comforting warmth for your back and the seating area - at the touch of a button. Even before the interior heating starts to be felt, the seats and backrests for the front seats can be heated. In this way, a feeling of well-being ensues - and not just on cold days. The heat intensity can be individually set for each seat on a selector switch.

Climatised seats for driver and front passenger (optional)

The climatised seats, which can be switched on individually for each seat, improve ride comfort and reduce perspiration with a pleasant air flow and selectable seat heating.

Fans integrated in the seat upholstery uniformly distribute a flow of air in three intensity levels under the leather backrest and cushion covers. The air flows through the fine perforation and quickly cools the surface of the seats to a pleasant temperature – even if the vehicle has been heated by an intense amount of sunlight for a longer period of time.

On cold days you can turn on the three-level adjustable seat heating. In conjunction with the air flow, this ensures that wet clothes dry more quickly.

Seat Comfort package for driver and front passenger (optional)

Remaining seated for a long time can often trigger back pain. This package systematically counters this risk by offering the best possible seating comfort and the ability to adjust to individual seating requirements.

The seats have separately controlled air chambers, which adjust to your individual physiognomic requirements, for example, with lumbar support that can be adjusted in several places and through an additional warming function in the area of the spine.

Improved lateral support for the driver and front passenger when cornering is achieved with the active driving dynamics function, which inflates the seat side bolsters away from the bend in the event of lateral acceleration, thereby stabilising the body safely.

The massage function in the backrest, which has 6 movements, helps to tone up or relax the muscles. It prevents the back muscles from tiring, particularly on long journeys. The massage function provides active support for "dynamic sitting", as recommended by orthopaedic specialists and by the "Aktion Gesunder Rücken", an association promoting back health.

Sun Protection package (optional)

Electrically-operated roller sun blinds in the rear doors protect passengers in the rear from unwanted attention and direct sun rays without majorly impacting on vision. Their sun shade effect also reduces the temperature in the vehicle interior.

The roller blind for the rear window is unobtrusively mounted on the parcel shelf and can be conveniently operated at the push of a button from the driver's or front passenger's seat. Thanks to perforations in the blind material, there is practically no sight restriction from inside the vehicle.

Electrically adjustable front seats

For total seating and driving comfort, the front seat can be adjusted electrically to suit individual requirements. The lumbar support feature also helps to promote ergonomically ideal posture. The seats also add to their occupants' safety: the head restraints for both the driver and passenger can be adjusted vertically and horizontally. In this way the gap between the occupant's head and the head restraint can be reduced so as to reduce the risk of whiplash injuries in an accident.

Warmth Comfort package (optional)

Compared to conventional seat heating, the new seat heating Plus warms up all the seats in considerably shorter time, even before the interior heating gets going (in conjunction with a rigid rear bench seat and conventional seat heating in the rear). The package also includes headed armrests in the doors, the centre console and the centre armrest in the rear (not if rigid bench seat installed in the rear) as well as a heated steering wheel.

[1] Optional extra for the S 350 BlueTEC and S 400 HYBRID. [2] Only available for models with a long wheelbase. [3] Only available for the S 500 and S 500 long wheelbase version. [4] Optional extra for the S 350 BlueTEC, S 350 BlueTEC long wheelbase version, S 400 HYBRID and S 400 HYBRID long wheelbase version.