Ideal travelling companion - total relaxation


Dream car and guiding light for a whole sector - the new S-Class. Every contact with this unique luxury saloon is an experience: Travel, work, relax, savour in peace and arrive safely – no other car can offer more than the exemplar of all saloons

Interior comfort – for peace and serenity

Size is a value in itself, a dimension of freedom. That's why every passenger in the new S-Class has more space than ever before. Everyone can use this personal space in his own particular way; but they will arrive relaxed at their destination.

This is courtesy of the new technologies deployed, developed by Mercedes-Benz. The interior air, for example, is not just filtered; it is ionised too. The seats, optionally, can include a massage function; and are also climatised. The Entertainment and surround sound systems provide impressive entertainment for all passengers and will certainly not leave them bored.

Working and living - an office in every location

Time is never lost in the new S-Class. For every passenger can use the time during the journey to good effect, either working or "refuelling" - with his legs stretched out.

In the long-wheelbase version of the new S-Class, the rear seat can if desired include a folding table and a cupholder, a 230 volt socket and no nosey looks from the outside, as the windows can optionally be dark-tinted. And so that you stay connected at all times, a WLAN connection can be established via COMAND Online. If you set up your workplace in the rear of the S-Class, you won't really need another office.

Driving comfort – simply magical

Perceptible peace and quiet is the foundation for relaxing and for working in the new S-Class. Even your coffee is motionless in its mug.

A miracle? Almost. MAGIC BODY CONTROL makes it possible. By deploying technological innovations rather than magic, the driver's seat is itself a pleasant centre of operations. Many new assistance systems support the driver without disturbing him: The vehicle adjusts in crosswinds and parks itself automatically, too.