Diesel engines - clean power

Model Cylinder arrangement/number Displacement (cc) Rated output (kW at rpm)[1] Top speed (km/h) Fuel consumption, combined (l/100 km)[2] CO2 emissions combined (g/km)
S 350 BlueTEC V6 2987 190/3600 250 [3] 5.9-5.5 155-146
S 350 BlueTEC long wheelbase V6 2987 190/3600 250 [3] 6.0-5.6 155-146

Effortlessly superior in performance, responsible in consumption

With its high performance, smoothness of operation and pulling power, the diesel engine for the new S-Class is certainly turning (petrol) heads. But the engine has so many other positive attributes: it is responsible with fuel, for instance; has reduced nitric oxide emissions thanks to its innovative technologies; and is amazingly quiet.

6-cylinder diesel engine

The compression ratio has been sufficiently increased in the S 350 BlueTEC that it now has improved combustion and fewer particulate emissions. Thanks to the BlueTEC catalytic converter technology with exhaust gas aftertreatment and selective catalytic reduction, nitric oxides are converted to nitrogen and water vapour. As a result, untreated emissions have been reduced to an absolute minimum.

In addition, the systematic use of lightweight materials, tyres that have optimised rolling resistance and numerous aerodynamic measures all contribute to holistic vehicle efficiency. Impressive examples of this are the vehicle weight, which has been reduced by 95 kilograms, and the exemplary and highly-competitive Cd value of 0.24.

[1] Figures for rated output and rated torque in accordance with Directive 80/1269/EEC in the currently applicable version. [2] The figures shown for fuel consumption and CO2 emissions were obtained in accordance with the prescribed measuring process (Directive [EC] 715/2007 in its currently applicable version). The figures are not based on an individual vehicle and do not constitute part of the product offer; they are provided solely for purposes of comparison between different vehicle models. [3] Electronically limited