The new SL


The new SL Roadster provides its occupants with unsurpassed open-air comfort. The innovative systems deployed ensure pure driving pleasure whatever the weather.

Electric draught-stop Panoramic vario-roof with MAGIC SKY CONTROL


Following tradition, yet leading the way at the same time. The new generation has an unmistakeable appearance and a design that embodies both effortless superiority and concentrated power.

Design AMG Sports package


Built to deliver top performance and the pure pleasure of driving a sports car under the open skies. High-torque engines, innovative chassis and many sporty fittings will allow you to really feel the speed.

Active Body Control BlueDIRECT engines Torque vectoring brake


The cutting-edge innovations deployed in the new SL Roadster deliver impressive results. From the screen clarity provided by MAGIC VISION CONTROL to the front bass technology offering unsurpassed bass performance.

COMAND Online MAGIC VISION CONTROL Sound system with front bass technology


Expressive design and the ultimate in both dynamism and efficiency. The sporty appearance of the AMG models is set off to perfection with the optional individualisation options from the AMG Performance Studio.