Interior comfort - nothing less then luxury


To sit in her is to love her

There's sitting in a car, and then there's sitting in the new SL-Class Roadster - you'll not really want to get out again, it's that comfortable. You can determine for yourself how comfortable a ride you want. The new SL has a large number of incomparable creature comforts fitted - and that's just at standard specification.

MAGIC VISION CONTROL intelligent windscreen wiper system[1]

The MAGIC VISION CONTROL adaptive wiper system is a world premiere and is featured by a series production vehicle for the very first time. The innovation: the windscreen washer fluid is sprayed and spread directly in front of the wiper blade. Little nozzles in a distributor rail above the wiper blade conduct the washer fluid directly before the blade on its return stroke. Then the fluid is wiped away without delay so that the driver’s vision is obstructed as briefly as possible, and at the same time the amount of liquid used is reduced. In addition, when driving with an open top, the risk of being wet by the washer fluid is lessened.

MAGIC VISION CONTROL intelligent windscreen wiper system, heated (optional)[2]

The adaptive wiper system is the first of its kind in the world and is featured in a series production vehicle for the very first time. .The innovation: the windscreen washer fluid is sprayed and spread directly in front of the wiper blade. Little nozzles in a distributor rail above the wiper blade direct the washer fluid solely in front of the blade on its return stroke.

Then the fluid is wiped away without delay so that the driver’s vision is obstructed as briefly as possible. This improves the driver's vision while cleaning; it also reduces the amount of cleaning fluid used. When driving with an open top, the risk of being wet by the washer fluid is reduced. With the heated windscreen washer system, the washer fluid reservoir, the adaptive wiper system and the washer fluid hoses are heated, thus better protected against icing up.This makes it easier to clean the screens at low temperatures.

Active multicontour seats with dynamic function and massage function (optional)[3]

The active multicontour seat adjusts particularly well to individual seating needs. It continually adjusts itself to the driving situation, massages the back muscles and reduces the risk of injury in the event of an accident.

Depending on the steering angle, lateral acceleration and speed, the air cushions in the seat side bolsters are adjusted pneumatically in two stages so as to give excellent lateral support even when driving dynamically. After the dynamic function is switched off the previously selected pressure in the side chambers is automatically reset symmetrically.

Other features of the package include:

  • Extremely easy on the back: the massage function reduces symptoms of fatigue in the back muscles on long journeys. It supports the principle of "dynamic sitting" – as recommended by orthopaedic specialists.
  • Award-winning seat: the active multicontour seat has been given the AGR quality seal by the "Aktion gesunder Rücken e. V." ("Campaign for healthy backs") awarded to products which are especially good for the back.
  • More safety: after the activation of PRE-SAFE® the PRE-SAFE® positioning function can automatically move the passenger seat into a position which is more favourable in the event of an accident.
Ambient lighting in 3 colours(optional)[2], [4]

The ambient lighting provides a pleasant indirect lighting effect inside the vehicle at night. Luminous surfaces on the instrument panel and under the door trim elements as well as in the rear trim create an incomparable atmosphere.

The ambient lighting is activated and deactivated with the outside lighting. When the doors are opened it is also switched on in order to provide a "welcome home" effect. With its three adjustable and continuously dimmable colour ambiences "SOLAR orange", "SOLAR red" and "SOLAR", the ambient lighting function highlights the interior design and creates pleasant light conditions for driving at night.

THERMOTRONIC luxury automatic climate control

The THERMOTRONIC automatic climate control system allows the driver and passenger to adapt the climate in their respective seats to suit their individual requirements – independently of each other. The system keeps the temperature at the desired level automatically, even in strong sunlight. To this end, sensors register the temperature inside and outside the vehicle, controlling the heating, cooling and fan for each temperature zone individually, according to requirements.

  • Individually adjustable: two zones, one for the driver and one for the passenger can be regulated individually in terms of their temperature and air distribution. If sunlight is stronger on one side of the car than the other, a suitable temperature difference between the nominal temperatures of the two vehicle sides is established automatically. Factors such as exterior temperature, air humidity and insolation are all factored in. Draughts are reduced thanks to a diffusor on the dashboard.
  • Clean air: Dust and noxious-gas sensors guarantee that virtually all the pollutants remain outside. If required the air vents can close automatically and air circulation can switch to recirculation.
  • Greater efficiency: the new windscreen misting-over sensor measures the windscreen temperature and the interior air humidity, and with this information it adjusts the air conditioning system accordingly. This can contribute towards reducing fuel consumption.
Multicontour seats (optional)[2], [4]

The multicontour seats take pressure off the spine and can be precisely adjusted to the anatomic characteristics of the driver and the front passenger. The pressure can be individually set in the variable air cushions of the seat surface side bolsters and backrests, and the curvature of the lumbar area can be adjusted to your personal requirements.

Climatised seats for driver and front passenger (optional)[2]

The climatised seats improve ride comfort and reduce transpiration with a pleasant air flow and selectable seat heating.

Fans integrated in the seat upholstery uniformly distribute a flow of air in three intensity levels under the leather backrest and cushion covers. The air flows through the fine perforations and quickly cools the surface of the seats to a pleasant temperature – even if the vehicle has been heated by intense sunlight for a longer period of time. On cold days you can turn on the three-level adjustable seat heating.

Electrically adjustable seats

The memory package makes frequent changes of drivers much easier, in particular thanks to the integrated memory function. It stores the individual settings for the driver’s seat for up to three people. As soon as a driver selects a setting using the corresponding button, electric controls automatically set the seat, exterior mirrors and steering column back to the previously saved positions. The equipment includes the electric fore-and-aft and height adjustment of the seat, electric seat cushion inclination and lowering of seat cushion, as well as the electric seat backrest inclination adjustment.

[1] Not available for the SL 65 AMG[2] Standard equipment for the SL 65 AMG[3] Part of the optional Active Multicontour Seat package[4] Standard equipment for the SL 63 AMG