Equipment packages - for all requirements


Equipment packages for the SLK

The SLK Roadster is more than just a car, driving it will become a passion. To stoke that passion even more, diverse equipment packages are available, each of which underlines the Roadster’s sporting credentials or offers extra elements of safety and comfort. The Dynamic Handling package, for example, offers several suspension settings to choose from. But there is a whole lot more.

Anti-theft protection package (optional)

The anti-theft alarm system (ATA) with tow-away protection and interior monitoring can emit a warning in the event of break-in and theft, as soon as the system is activated via remote control.

The system triggers an alarm when it detects unauthorised opening of the vehicle doors, boot lid or the bonnet. The alarm also sounds if the ignition lock is shorted or removed or the foot brake applied. The tow-away protection function responds to a change in the position of the vehicle and can be deactivated – for example, if the car has to be towed or loaded onto another vehicle.

Driving Assistance package (optional)

The Driving Assistance Package makes a big contribution to safety in everyday driving situations. The proximity control, lane-change control and blind spot warning functions together with the brake system optimisation all contribute decisively to safe travel and a safe arrival.

Keep your distance: DISTRONIC PLUS proximity control helps the driver to maintain a specified (timed) gap from the vehicle in front when travelling at speeds of up to 200 km/h. To achieve this, radar sensors continuously measure the distance and control the speed; and can initiate braking if the system identifies a need for this.

Extended field of vision: Blind Spot Assist deploys a radar system to monitor the area behind the vehicle and the blind spots on the left and right when the car is travelling at speeds of between 30 and 250 km/h. If a vehicle is detected in the monitored area, a warning signal appears in the relevant exterior mirror.

Keeping you in line: Lane Keeping Assist can recognise clear lane markings and warn the driver if the vehicle is leaving a lane unintentionally through vibrations of the steering wheel.

If required: in an emergency braking situation the BAS PLUS Brake Assist system can help shorten stopping distances by providing appropriate brake pressure to deal with the danger that has been detected.

In the event of danger: if a potential collision is identified within the speed range 30 to 200 km/h and the driver fails to apply the brakes soon enough, the PRE-SAFE® brake system emits visual and audible signals. If the driver does not respond to this warning, independent partial braking is activated approx. 1.6 seconds before the calculated impact at a deceleration rate of up to 4m/s2. If the system categorises the situation as highly critical and there is still no reaction from the driver, an independent full brake application can be initiated automatically 0.6 seconds before what is considered an unavoidable impact.

Dynamic Handling package (optional)

The Dynamic Handling package, including lowering by 10 mm, offers a significant enhancement of the vehicle's driving dynamics, ride comfort and driving stability at high speeds. A touch of the Sports mode button is all it takes to shift the damper setting into sports mode.

The Adaptive Damping System adjusts its characteristics continually and steplessly, the damping force being optimally adapted to each individual wheel in accordance with the current handling situation and road conditions. This results in a greater handling stability in all speed ranges – as well as greater motoring enjoyment.

With the E/S push-button switch the gearshifting characteristics of 7G-TRONIC PLUS can be increased separately: in the S program all the parameters are geared towards best-possible acceleration and swift reaction.

The Direct-Steer system included in the package provides a more sporty and direct steering sensation in both driving modes while the Torque Vectoring Brake brakes the rear wheel on the inside of the bend when it detects understeer, thus providing better handling safety for improved driving dynamics.

Interior Light package (optional)[1]

The Interior Light package provides you with a better overview inside and around the vehicle with a variety of intelligently arranged light units. It provides a pleasant ambience and makes orientation in the interior easier when driving at night. It also contributes to perceptual safety by making it easier to find controls that do not have illuminated symbols and makes getting into and out of the car easier in the dark.

Equipment and appointments at a glance:

  • Downlighter for the centre console
  • Sun visors with illuminated vanity mirrors that can be pulled out and folded up
  • Exit lamps in the A-pillars
  • Lights for the stowage compartment in the centre console
  • Footwell lighting for driver and front passenger
  • Ambient lighting
Memory package (optional)

The memory package makes frequent changes of driver much more convenient. It stores the individual settings for the seats, steering wheel and exterior mirrors for up to three people. As soon as a driver selects a setting with the touch of a button, electric controls automatically set the seat, exterior mirrors and steering column back to the previously saved positions.

Another feature is the 4-way lumbar support. It reinforces the spinal column, ensures an ergonomic sitting position and in turn significantly improves ride comfort on all lengths of journey.

Mirror package (optional)

An automatic dimming function for the driver’s side exterior mirror and the interior mirror help to enhance safety and comfort.

In addition, both exterior mirrors can be completely folded in and moved back to their original position electrically. This preventative protection of the mirror housing helps to avoid damage (and consequent repair costs) that could be caused when driving through narrow entrances and exits, parking the car or going through automatic car washes.