Open-top motoring - seductive and exciting


Roadster refinement in its purest form

Let the sun shine in with the SLK and experience the incomparable feeling of driving with the top down.There are three roof variants available for the SLK Roadster. The classic vario-roof, the panoramic vario-roof and the panoramic vario-roof with MAGIC SKY CONTROL.

Roof variants - open or closed?

A roadster is an impressive vehicle, and the SLK all the more so. Its innovative roof variants lend it such diverse characteristics, that it can be said to combine several different body variants.

The fully electrically retractable Mercedes-Benz vario-roof is standard equipment, transforming your roadster into a sporty coupé at the touch of a button and in under 20 seconds. A tinted panoramic vario-roof is also optionally available. In addition, the tinted polycarbonate unit reduces insolation by day, creating a pleasantly light atmosphere in the vehicle interior.

The likewise optional panoramic vario-roof with MAGIC SKY CONTROL is also a worldwide premiere in automotive engineering. The SLK is the first series-production vehicle in the world available with this innovation. The roof glass unit changes its tone at the touch of a button from dark to transparent and vice versa within seconds. This way driver and passenger can enjoy a view of the sky even when the roof is closed. And when the glass is darkened, the heating up of the vehicle interior is considerably reduced.

That roadster feeling - wind in your hair, but no draughts down your back.

Some of the SLK’s features can make open-top motoring even more fun – at any time of year and in virtually any weather: That roadster feeling is even more pleasurable with the top down. Intelligent auxiliary systems help to keep you pleasantly draught-free.

If things get a bit windy with the roof open, the optional draught-stop is a practical solution. It can be installed between the roll-over bars quickly and easily to significantly reduce irritating wind turbulence.

The optional AIRGUIDE draught-stop reduces wind turbulence in a particularly innovative way. It is composed of a transparent plastic panel which is fixed to the roll-over bars. This allows wind circulation to be determined individually for the driver and passenger without impacting on visibility to the rear.